Al Makinah Coding for Women Boot camp




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Created At : 2018-07-02 17:23:21
Event Date : 2017-09-01
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In September 2017, A2K4D participated in a boot camp training session for women held by local initiative AlMakinah, focusing on using data for social enterprises. AlMakinah is an Egypt- based initiative offering technical courses and boot camps to further tech-related skills, with focus on women. The two-week training session was held for 15 young women to learn skills related to web development that could be utilized in long-term career development, and hosted a wide- ranging group of expert lecturers. The final day of the boot camp was focused on speakers giving insight into Open Data and Open Data skills that could be utilized for these women in their professional life. A2K4D partners Amr Eleraqi of Infotimes, and Fady Ramzy of InsideOut Today hosted sessions on data visualization and online and social media marketing. ElEraqi delved into data visualization through coding, utilizing the accessible Zingchart website. Ramzy gave a session on strategy for startups and tactics for personal branding, with focus on building capacities. A2K4D researchers Dalia Seif and Nancy Salem spoke to the momentum for Open Data and Data-Driven Innovation (DDI). This includes how young entrepreneurs and women can use data in their work, and how data can be used to build new businesses or make work more efficient, with local and global examples. The closing session was based on discussing sources of data, and the potential of data for start-ups.