The Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) joins the Fairwork network


2021-05-04 05:47:23
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The Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) joins the Fairwork network! January 25, 2021 A2K4D represents Egypt in the global Fairwork network, engaging in research and raising awareness about fair work in the platform economy and highlighting best and worst practices in the platform economy. The Fairwork project, based at the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University, UK, is a research project that is working to set and measure decent work standards in the platform economy. The objective of the Fairwork project is to raise awareness about the emerging platform or 'gig' economy around the world and especially in the Global South. Based on a set of principles defined by the Fairwork research team, platforms are given a score on issues such as pay, working conditions etc. The research teams then engage with stakeholders in different countries to work together and encourage positive, more inclusive practises for gig economy workers. Our team formed by Nagla Rizk, Nadine Weheba, and Khadiga Hassan will work to translate Fairwork principles into measurable thresholds suitable to the context of Egypt and will conduct research to evaluate platforms against those thresholds, and publish results to raise awareness on building a more sustainable and equitable model in the platform economy. Check out our latest blog at Stay tuned for more!