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Mapping Air Quality in Greater Cairo

Egypt, Cairo - Energy and Environment

The project aims at harnessing the power of mobile sensors and advances in technology to create informative air quality mapping of Cairo. The objective of this project is to build a heat map for greater Cairo regarding the concentration of Black Carbon which is considered one of the most pollutants affect the human health. The Black Carbon (BC) is the part of the Particle Matter (PM) which is directly related to vehicles emissions.

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Project dataset

Developing Air Quality Heat map for Cairo: A Citizen-Centric Approach

Rows : 1237 , Columns : 7

 Name  String  8
 lat  Numeric  9
 long  Numeric  9
 Points_ID  Numeric  4
 Date  Numeric  7
 Time  Numeric  5
 98% BC +ve (ng/m^3)  Numeric  6

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Name lat long Points_ID Date Time 98% BC +ve (ng/m^3)

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