Women, Data and Code: Gender Inclusion in MENA's Digital Economy Workshop Webinar part of the A2K4D Eleventh Annual Workshop in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung (FES) Egypt


Created At : 2021-05-04 05:37:40
Event Date : 2021-04-06
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The objective of this webinar was to engage in a conversation on women in the digital economy in the MENA region. Speakers shared perspectives on women as subjects of data, as makers of technology and women in corporate positions. Key to the conversation were the various roles simultaneously played by women, and how digital technologies can help women navigate frictions caused by social, cultural, economic and legal barriers. The panelists were Jazem Halioui, founder and CEO at, Tunisia, Nada Ihab, policy manager at Access Partnership, United Kingdom, and Manal Jalloul, co-founder of AI-Lab, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, American University in Beirut, Lebanon.