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Solar Energy Case Studies - Egypt

Egypt, Al Bahr al Ahmar - Energy and Environment

These case studies provide an overview of capacity and skill development in the solar energy sector in Egypt, as well as an investigation into the energy efficiency of hybrid solar energy systems. Both case studies outline the experiences of actors in the field, providing critical, real life insights into the sector, and contributing to the development of a growing body of knowledge emerging from the region.

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Capacity Building and Skills Development in the Solar Energy Sector in Egypt: The Case of Tiba
2018-10-14 19:13:20 viwe 2495
This study details the experience of one initiative aiming to build local capacities: Tiba Solar, a ...
Efficiency Assessment of Oasis Hotel in Utilizing a Hybrid Solar Energy System
2018-10-14 19:19:17 viwe 2498
The case study aims to investigate the economics behind the implementation of solar energy, in the h...

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